An international design brand of ‘Made in Italy’ perfection and excellence.


Coming from solid Italian origins but with an international reach, Poltrona Frau is a leader in top of the range furniture, and is a spokesman throughout the world for the values associated with the design and production of Italian-made goods. Our quality is the result of our savoir-faire and the artisanal and industrial expertise we have acquired in almost 100 years of history and experience, unchanged in terms of spirit, but always ready to accept the challenges of modern life. 


Poltrona Frau has always blended manufacturing skill with research in materials. Thereby always using the very best that nature and our history offer us, like wood, metal and, of course, the exclusive Pelle Frau® leather.  Exploring new designs on our products requires research that also involves materials such as aluminium, foams, composites, MDF, titanium and carbon fibre. Treating each and every element with the same ‘handmade’ care and passion. All phases of the production process are subject to rigorous quality controls, from the initial design phase to the experimentation with innovative materials, from aesthetic research to the production of every single item and final rigorous testing.




Poltrona Frau

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Poltrona Frau